Local family-run optician and jewellers Wilkie and Rider opened its doors almost 70 years ago, run by Sian Wilkie’s grandfather who wanted to offer a local, personal service.

The business has premises in both Alexandria and Dumbarton and between both shops they employ 14 staff.

Sian said: “Over three generations my family have invested and offered a dedicated health service to the residents of Alexandria, Dumbarton and beyond for nearly seven decades and it is testament to our approach to customers service that we are still here. We have built up a strong mutual respect and trust with our customers, which is something we feel  you  only get from shopping locally as this personal service offering is just not available online.

 “Promoting local businesses and local custom is vitally important to us as without it our business wouldn’t survive. We are very lucky that we have good support from returning customers but I would be keen to get local employers on-board by offering free eye test to their employees. We sell a large range of unique gold and silver jewellery including a range of christening and new baby gifts.

“Our main business is the eye tests and offering an extensive range of eyewear.  The business doesn’t just offer an eye test; we offer an extensive eye health care check, which is more than just checking to see if a customers needs new glasses.  The eye health care check can identify a range of health conditions so it is important for people to get their eyes tested regularly, especially if they have any pre-existing medical conditions that can affect their eyesight.

“We offer a bespoke service which is more than just selecting a pair of glasses for distance or reading.  Our tailored service takes in to consideration what you need your glasses for and we can recommend additional specification to suit individual needs.”

COVID-19 has brought major changes to our everyday lives, and for many has resulted in us being at home for long periods of time. Having local businesses on our doorstep that provide vital services has never been more important and despite having to adapt and overcome throughout the years, one thing Wilkie & Rider has maintained is the quality of service it provides to its customers.

Stay safe and shop local.

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